6 Hunting Boots for All Trails and Tracks

Closeup of a Pair of Hunting Boots on a Faceless Wearer Standing in the Middle of a Grassy Field

Imagine watching your target with the best spotting scope of 2022 in all your hunting finery and being so engrossed in your little optical expedition that you don’t even hear a snake crawling your way. The next thing you know, it’s bitten your ankle.

You look down and think, “I really should’ve given another thought to hunting boots,” before administering first aid. Is getting bit by a snake deadly? No. Is it a big fat waste of time because it would probably also alert your target to your presence? Hell yes!

The right pair of hunting boots should suit all trails and tracks. It should be waterproof and breathable, but those are just the essentials.

Here are some of the best hunting boots that meet all the essential requirements and then some.

1. Thorogood Men’s V-Series

They might call the Thorogood Men’s V-Series the “8” Crazyhorse,” but we believe it’s just crazy-good. The boots have a leather upper that keeps you warm in cold weather, complete with a waterproof membrane that helps you stay dry in humid and wet conditions.

They’re tough as nails but not so bulky that you’d have difficulty carrying yourself around. The chevron outsole prevents slips, chips, and abrasions and resists the damaging effects of heat and oil. In short, this pair of boots can help you weather any storm. Literally.

Find on Amazon: Thorogood Men’s V-Series

A Hunter Carrying all Hunting Essentials and Walking Down a Sloping Path with His Dog

2. Cungel Men’s Camo Hunting Boot

The Cungel Men’s Camo Hunting Boot is no one-hit-wonder. No sirree! This pair of boots is actually quite multifunctional and can be used for several activities besides hunting, such as:

  • Trekking
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Working
  • Training

As hunting shoes, the boots provide you, the hunter, with the perfect camouflage through images of tree limbs, leaves, branches, and other forest debris to keep prey off its guard. They’re anti-slip, waterproof, breathable, and lightweight to boot!

Water isn’t the only thing this pair keeps out. The insoles of these breathable hunting boots also prevent pebbles, dirt, and smaller particles from getting into your boots, ensuring comfortable wear throughout your excursion.

Find on Amazon: Cungel Men’s Camo Hunting Boot

3. Guide Gear Giant Timber II

The Guide Gear Giant Timber II boots are the men’s hunting shoes you never thought you needed. These lace-up calf-length boots are so extra in all respects you’ll be hard-pressed not to buy them.

Weighing about three pounds, these boots are waterproof and keep the wearer thermally insulated. In winter, they keep you warm and toasty throughout your hunting expeditions and prevent cold feet—literally.

If you thought warmth equaled odor, you’d be right in most cases but this one. These hunting boots are a true exception to the rule because they have exceptional moisture-wicking abilities. There’s also a scent mask to prevent any odors that end up coming from residual moisture.

As if that wasn’t enough, Guide Gear goes a step further to protect the shins and calves through a padded collar, preventing feet aches and sores from long periods of walking along trails.

Find on Amazon: Guide Gear Giant Timber II

The Back of a Lace-Up Hunting Shoe Resting on a Rock

4. Men’s 2813 Gunflint II 10″ Hunting Boot

The Men’s 2813 Gunflint II 10″ Hunting Boot by Irish Setter goes all the way in the textile department. These hunting boots are made from 100% leather and are the perfect option for wider feet due to their circumference.

The boots are quite comfortable to wear, contrary to their intimidating exterior. Instead of feeling snug, the shoes expand to give your toes wiggling room. They also have great moisture and temperature management systems to prevent overheating and enable prolonged wear. The boots look good and function even better to help you navigate rocky terrain, debris, and damp areas.

Find on Amazon: Men’s 2813 Gunflint II 10″ Hunting Boot

5. LaCrosse Men’s Clear Shot

The LaCrosse Men’s Clear Shot is part camo part harsh lines that can only be associated with all-purpose and all-terrain hunting boots. These shoes might be heavy-duty, but there’s nothing heavy about them.

The Clear Shot boots are made of lightweight leather that’s rugged and strong enough to resist abrasion. Like any hunting boots worth their weight in leather, these hunting boots are also 100% waterproof, thanks to a Dry-Core lining. They also have Thinsulate Ultra Insulation for weather resistance.

The multi-directional lugs are the final feature of these LaCrosse Men’s boots, for they provide just enough stability to enable travel on foot across any surface, no matter how uneven it may be.

Find on Amazon: LaCrosse Men’s Clear Shot

Close-up of a Leather Hunting Boot with the Laces Tied Up

6. Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot

We know what it sounds like, but the Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot is not made of snakeskin. It actually protects you from snakes while walking on snake-riddled tracks and trails. How, you ask?

Well, you see, these boots have a special snake shaft, which makes them waterproof and snake-proof. The first line of defense, however, is the boots themselves. They have a camouflage exterior, allowing you to blend into thick underbrushes. They also happen to have shock-absorbing properties, which you’d absolutely love when running on rocky terrains.

Find on Amazon: Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot

The Hunt Is On!

Trade your hiking shoes for hunting shoes that can be used for more than just hunting. While you’re at it, check out the best rifle scopes for hunting in 2022, best spotting scopes for target shooting in 2022, long-range scopes, and other optic essentials for your hunting adventure.

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